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Finally! A Lawlolawl tune that isn't under rated!

Props to you Pete!

Great work!

I enjoy your animation styles and cute creatures, they make me smile. But I think you should ditch the narraration for the second part. I understand that no one would understand the story without the narraration, so if there is to be a big plot twist, narraration would be okay. But use as little narraration as possible.

chluaid responds:

not all episodes will be narrated. As I've said on a couple other responses, this particular short is setting up a bigger picture for Brackenwood. As far as I'm concerned, it's the last narration you'll hear in Brackenwood for the foreseeable future :D

Bloody brilliant!

This is awesome! :D

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Great game!

Great concept and gameplay! But it was waaaayyy too easy (and short)!

Great game!

Not too easy and not too hard! My time, 13:28!

I see you put quite a bit of effort into this.

I give you a 6/10 beacause the flash was pretty good. Howeverthat rating would have been much higher if it was original. I mean, come on, the people even say the exact same things at points. You have great potential, just don't copy games. I would be happy if the plot was different at least, but for now, my 6/10 stays.

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Hey, I just started learning piano not too long ago and I was wondering if you had sheet music for this anywhere. I love this song, and I think I would have a lot of fun learning it.

Could've have been better, could have been worse.

Not much of a trance, but still a good song. I liked the pickup 3 minutes in. Nicely done, but some parts weren't that great. The piano solo was okay, except for the snare and the low beat in the backround.

Corbino responds:

Thanks man, positive feedback is always appreciated!!

Pretty darn good!

I always enjoy trance type music, but this was more of a techno-trancing hybrid. I was about to give it a 9 until I reached 1:37, great solo! Did you play the keyboard for this?

MSXOmega responds:

Sadly, I don't have a digital piano that I can hook up to my computer. If I did though, I would definitely play some stuff with it. :P Thanks for the review!

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Great picture!

I love how you faded off the hearts in the backround! You be scouted for sure!

Sorrygirl99 responds:

i just hope everyone thinks the same way

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